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Performance Improvement idea for Solus
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@ikey Today I stumbled upon the following article:

In short words: The Chrome OS graphics stack can be used under Linux providing noteable performance improvements. Maybe this would be a very nice addition on tweaking Solus performance even further. Hope you find this interesting.

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I read the article on Phoronix and I also thought that it would be a great addition to Solus since it was said to provide a lot better performance in most cases. I sure hope this gets added some time ?

Couple of things worth pointing out:

  1. This only works on Intel CPUs with iGPUs. It needs special porting for AMD APUs and it will never work on systems with discrete-only graphics.
  2. This only works if an application has built in support for it. This is basically limited to Chrome and Chromium at the moment. Firefox and nearly everything else will not benefit.
  3. Zero-copy buffering is already supported in OpenGL on Linux. Any application can optimize for it and would already be bypassing X via Mesa DRM.

Given all that, I really don't see the point in this at the moment. It's even less supported than Wayland at this point.

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