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More updated ISO image
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Although Solus is an rolling release OS, having 1GB update after fresh install is a nightmare for user with bad internet connection.

I know the team are busy with Solus 4 and will release a new image when it done, it should be great if we can have an automation ISO build later.

P/s: I don't know anything about building an ISO image but quite familiar with CI/CD system and willing to help testing installation on VPS or my real hardware.

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Duplicate of T6008.

There have been issues with people also upgrading their graphics drivers through DoFlicky, before actually updating their system with sudo eopkg up.
This leads to a system that boots into a TTY/command-line environment as X will fail to start with the funky driver, since the rest of their system is super old and isn't compatible with the latest driver version.

I agree though. This would be relatively easy to fix with just an automated ISO snapshot every month or so, it would fix people being silly and not updating their system, and would help those with poor internet connections who cannot download 400+ package updates in a short amount of time.

I've raised this issue pretty recently before and Ikey responded with the following:

We don't do snapshots. We do releases. I also understand its frustrating its been a while but we will try to keep our releases more frequent after Solus 4.
We didn't anticipate it taking so long but so much of the core architecture has changed