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It would be great to have the static website generator called Jekyll in the Solus' Software Center. Here's information on the package:

Name Jekyll
Why should this be included in the repository? It is the most popular such program, with the widest choice of templates and tools, and a big fanbase. Here are two sites listing Jekyll as # 1 among static HTML generators: and The program Hugo, which is already among Solus' packages, is listed on the 2nd and 3rd positions, respectively.
Is it open source? Yes
How many users do you anticipate will use this software? Since it is the most popular such program, it should enjoy a wide audience.
Link to source tarball/zip file (from this page


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Given nobody has stepped up in the month since this has been accepted for inclusion to provide a valid and accepted patch, as well as become the maintainer, marking as WONTFIX.


I am interested in becoming the maintainer for this package. I followed the guides on the support site and also the first video guide on YouTube.

Here is the result: I'm unsure if this is exactly correct, I'm still new to packaging. But I think that this is a good first try.

I'll keep looking into further steps - please let me know if I have done something incorrectly or if there is a better way.

Thank you.

Removing myself as I have moved away from Solus. Thanks for all you do guys - had some system freezes that happened fairly often, unfortunate but I needed to move to something more stable.

No movement has been made on this. Closing.

I'll leave this to a more invested packager, but you can ping me if you want the package.yml files

DataDrake changed the task status from Wontfix to Frozen.Feb 21 2022, 6:19 AM