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First i want to thanks you for the hard work.
Second I have packages requests :

1- Security tools :


2- Android tools:


thanks in advance

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  1. We have no plans on landing ClamTK or other anti-virus software into the repository, as we do not deem it necessary.
  2. There is already a package request for Android tools. Please look up if bugs exist already:
  3. If you're going to file package requests, follow the appropriate template:
  4. Don't change the default assignee.
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Thanks for the replay and I hope you rethink about antivirus software as in today computing world we share a lot files with windows os

Respect & Regard

In short, how difficult would it be to add the anti-virus program into the repository?

@filippossemere This has nothing to do with difficulty. Anti-virus software on Linux is predominantly used server-side to scan email and web server content for viruses to prevent spreading them to non-Linux systems. Solus is not a server OS, so we don't need them.