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Better font pairing
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If font of Windows Titles, Documents and Iterfaces is Noto Sans then font of Monospace why Hack? ( Why not Noto Sans Mono? (

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Hack is a great monospaced font, but there is no sans serif version...

So, what is the priority? Noto Sans or Hack?

They're set for different purposes. On the Budgie ISO, the default branding is as follows:

  • Document fonts: Noto Sans 10
  • Interfaces font: Noto Sans 10
  • Monospace font (such as when an application explicitly calls for whatever is set as monospace-font): Hack 10


For GNOME, I've opted for Clear Sans and Hack.

Basically, if @ikey is interested in changing it up for Budgie, he's obviously more than welcome to do so. I have no plans on changing the current fonts for GNOME Edition at this moment in time though ?

Then it seems to be that priority is Hack. Hack is a redesigned Bitstream Vera and DejaVu projects (approx. this should be... pairing). BTW, I love Solus Budgie x) more better than Solus GNOME for me.

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