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Replace zsh-syntax-highlighting with fast-syntax-highlighting
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We ship the following package: R3330 but there exists a popular, faster & better-optimized fork that also has increased granularity with the syntax that it actually highlights.
I'd like to suggest replacing R3330's upstream with It's pretty much the same, but better in every way. It keeps up-to-date, too. Last commit at the time of making this request was 8 hours ago.

I'll provide the standard package request information for fast-syntax-highlighting, to assist with making changes 'n' such.

*The upstream developer seems to be quite cooperative and is happy to have this packaged by adding newer GitHub releases.

Since it's just a Zsh plugin, it'd be possible to have both packaged and they shouldn't conflict in any way that'd break things, but I think it'd be better to prevent unnecessary package duplication.

Comparison video available:

zsh-syntax-highlighting's old package request: T3342

TL;DR because similar naming: zsh-syntax-highlighting upsteam > fast-syntax-highlighting upstream, because improved & up-to-date fork.

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Lacks any sort of Makefile or documentation on recommended system-wide paths (from what I can tell). Not just gonna arbitrarily throw it into a directory.

Snuggle added a comment.EditedAug 31 2018, 3:44 PM

A lot of people use Zsh plugin managers which can be slow, but they have different directories.

Assuming no plugin manager, this directory is the best place to put it.


Someone would also have to add this to their ~/.zshrc to actually source it.

source  /usr/share/zsh/plugins/fast-syntax-highlighting/fast-syntax-highlighting.plugin.zsh
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Closing due to lack of activity in over 30 days. Still eligible for inclusion.