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Solus Budgie and GNOME allow PC to suspend even when settings for this option are set to 'never'
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Recently after upgrading Solus from 3.999 to 3.9999, my PC still suspends after 15 minutes of being idle even though in the settings, I have set suspend to never. I'm curious to know if anyone else has had this error or has found a fix. Budgie also warns me in the Raven side-panel about my pc is about to suspend.

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Seems like it might be the result of the systemd upgrade. Mind taking a look @ikey?

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I experienced having to enter my password to shutdown my computer as a result of the updates Friday. Josh said to comment here as it may be a result of the systemd upgrade

Same thing happened to me, clicking the software restart button brought me to the login screen. Hard restarting my computer fixed the issue.

Hey, didn't know if a new systemd patch was sent out but after the updates from the last couple of days, this problem has no longer been present! Thank you, guys!!!

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This issue still occurs as of 2018-11-10. I've noticed this issue in other 'distros' as well, doubt it's Solus-specific. More system info in the odd chance it helps:

I have encountered the same behavior some times in Solus 4.1 Fortitude (Linux 5.6.19-158.current - GNOME) and since I have no clue on why this is happening, and also no evidence .... I found this conversation and note here.

So in my system, sometimes happens that it goes to sleep mode, after a restart and not logging in for long time, even though in setting the Automatic Suspend is Off. It happens even if I have an ssh session on !!

Is there any progress on this issue ?