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Upgrade plexmediaserver to
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The repo version of plexmediaserver is 1.10.4602.

The current version of plexmediaserver is

The package cannot be self-updated.

The package has a web server interface so updates with security patches should be prioritized.


(Analysis) Identify certain Live and DVR-recorded streams that failed to play back on iOS and tvOS devices (#5308)
(Live) Add support for switching subtitle and audio streams, in supported clients (#8353)
(Transcoder) Update to latest upstream ffmpeg (#7634)
(Web) Updated to 3.44.1


(Analysis) A scanner crash when performing loudness analysis on certain file formats (#8018)
(Analysis) Some files weren't detected as anamorphic when they should've been (#8446)
(DLNA) A crash on older Macs (#6602)
(DVR) Update tuner make/model information in the database if it changes from the device (#8214)
(DVR) Write EPG data that fails to parse into temporary files to aid in diagnostics. (#8149)
(Filters) Content rating filters would sometimes fail to load (#8350)
(Filters) The advanced "is not empty" filter for ratings wouldn't return the expected results (#8361)
(Live TV) Transcodes could fail on channels with multiple audio streams with different codecs (#8195)
(Metadata) Don't rematch things which have been unsuccessfully matched (#8394)
(Streaming Brain) Some legacy clients were given incorrect workarounds (#8348)
(Streaming Brain) Transcode start could deadlock in some rare cases (#8385)
(Transcoder) Media with EAC3 audio could fail to transcode on Windows. (#8547)
(Transcoder) Soft subtitles were desynchronized when streaming HEVC to iOS (#8388)
(Transcoder) Sparse subtitles failed to display in some cases on iOS and tvOS (#8415)
(Transcoder) Transcodes to AC3 in MP4 played with incorrect channel mapping on Apple devices (#8306)
(Transcoder) Transcodes to EAC3 in MP4 for Apple devices did not play audio (#8312)