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Update Feedreader to 2.2
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Changes since the last version:

  • Removed the daemon process
  • Switched to Meson build system
  • Faster initial sync and favicon loading
  • Improved Feedbin plugin
  • A lot of bug fixes

Although the update looks big by itself, the main reason for this update is that it most likely helps with T6368, as suggested here.

Last update on Solus was October git, so maybe the real changelog is shorter, but the fix was added later (as said here and in the issue I linked earlier).

Revisions and Commits

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I second this request.

The most recent version of Feedreader in the Solus repo is 2.0.2 which is functionally broken.

Solus users are trying to build it themselves so there is demand:

A package would be useful.

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IMPORTANT: Blocked by: WebKitGtk+ >= 2.20 being needed. This is being held back because it breaks GOA and other software for us.

The temporary workaround is to install the Flatpak from Flathub. Even the Flatpak version is a bit dated though, doesn’t integrate with the system GTK theme.

I tried for several days to build a snap for Feedreader from the git source but even with help from Canonical couldn’t get it to build.

I wrote an install script for FeedReader on Ubuntu.

Ideally Solus would ship occasional git source from Feedreader as it is under active development.

I haven’t learned any eopkg yet to volunteer though.

Like T6304. Is there a solution to the WebKitGtk issue?

I committed to the upstream project documentation that Solus users should install flatpak version for now.

This should be unblocked now webkitgtk+ has been updated if someone wants to give it a crack

Git builds for me and the update bug is fixed.