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No markdown plugin in geany-plugins
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Hi folks,

Maybe I searched badly but I didn't find markdown plugin in the geany-plugins package. Is there a reason ?

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After some hunting, the markdown plugin requires Webkit1 - Us along with other distros like Fedora and Debian are activity trying to remove Webkit1 from our repos - see T4880. However, the good news is there is a pull request open to port the markdown plugin to Webkit2. Once the pull request is merged and a new stable release is tagged we can add support for it. In the meantime there is plenty of other software that support markdown editing such as ghostwriter.

olivir added a comment.EditedMay 10 2018, 3:19 PM

Thank you @joebonrichie , ghostwriter is a light and very good software !

Just an update, the pull request was merged. I now see no reason to not add support for this once a new stable release of geany-plugins is tagged.

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