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Properly support Librem 13 v2 and v3 keyboard (udev hwdb rules)
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On the librem 13 v2 and v3, the scancode 56 should be mapped to keycode 43 (backslash), I have a fix in place locally that I pulled from the purism forums:

Basically I override the current keyboard udev rules with my own in /etc/udev/hwdb.d/90-keyboard.hwdb


Here's my Librem 13v3's /sys/class/dmi/id/modalias


side note: it's weird that the v3 is actually called the v2 version 2. It threw me off when I first got this machine.

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In my Librem 13v3 /sys/class/dmi/id/modalias contains


thus /etc/udev/hwdb.d/90-keyboard.hwdb contains

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Seems like something we need to ship as part of solus-hardware-config