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Name: PDF Mod
FOSS: yes
Description: "PDF Mod is a simple application for modifying PDF documents. You can reorder, rotate, and remove pages, export images from a document, edit the title, subject, author, and keywords, and combine documents via drag and drop." (PDF Mod)

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DataDrake added a subscriber: DataDrake.

Latest stable release is 5 year old. going to have to say no on this.

Hmm. Another duplicate request: T3704: Request for PDFMod.
Would this be a valid inclusion per the 2-distro rule? Its in debian, fedora, etc.
Only asking because I don't know if this was previous to the rule being created.

I know it's old but there is no alternative for it as far as I know. I really need to organize pdfs, I just can!t live without it and would not want to shift from Solus to any other distro having pdfmod.

@fkosa is correct, there are no good alternatives for PDF Mod besides proprietary apps. It gets the job done. It doesn't matter if Solus has all the latest PDF-handling libraries without a front-end app to use them.

We have PDFsam Basic in the repo. AFAIK it has feature parity.

PDFsam Basic and paperwork-gui appear to suffice for my PDF-heavy workflow. I will give them a try. Thank you.

nursoda added a subscriber: nursoda.

I agree that PDFsam Basic does provide SOME of the functionality of PDFmod, and one feature PDF Mod lacks: batch reshuffling odd+even pages. But it lacks one particular feature I consider important for ordinary users: (graphical) shuffling. Apart from that, the simplicity of PDF Mod is what appeals to me. I'd even consinder to install it by default for every user. That is why I urge to reconsider your decision to either include PDF Mod (Gnome) or PDF shuffler ( Both provide an intuitive way to add, remove, and REARRANGE pages, a common task when handling PDFs. Apart from that, I was irritated by PDFsam advertising its premium features. One can disable the notifications but they stay visible. Promoting ONE vendor irritates me, e.g. Master PDF Editor is an excellent choice, too, if one wants to buy a licensed PDF tool.

If I should not have changed status, please let me know for future posts. And I apoligize for not having searched prior to opening my PDF Mod request (which luckily didn't make it to the new server). Anyway: Thanks for all your efforts!

I'm sorry if I was unclear in any previous messages. This is still ineligible for inclusion on the basis of not having been updated in 7 years. PDF Shuffler hasn't seen an update in 6. We do not accepted unmaintained software as it causes more problems than it creates solutions.

We aren't promoting one program over another, but we are providing a suggestion of something with similar functionality and that is still actively maintained and updated.