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Gimp 2.10 dosen't detect wacom tablet.
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My wacom tablet isn't recognized from gimp 2.10.
The tablet gets detected and works fine in krita, 3dcoat etc...

Device reported from lsusb cmd:
Bus 002 Device 007: ID 056a:00b8 Wacom Co., Ltd PTK-440 [Intuos4 (4x6)

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Today I installed the gimp2.10 flatpak version, and the wacom tablet gets detected and and the pressure works as intended.
So to summarize:
Gimp2.10 flatpak -> wacom gets detected and pressure works.
Gimp2.10 solus repos -> wacom dosen't get detected (can still use it like a "mouse pointer") pressure dosen't work.

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I have a wacom tablet can confirm this issue. Will do some digging.

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For clarity, this is also an issue for inkscape. Edit -> input devices doesn't show wacom as an option.

ok, I was a few days young and naive. This also affects 3dcoat, tablet pressure dosen't work in there, sorry.
Although the pressure works inside krita and blender, I tripled checked this time.

I have a Wacom Bamboo. xsetwacom --list devices shows the right things…

Wacom Bamboo 2FG 6x8 Pen stylus 	id: 14	type: STYLUS    
Wacom Bamboo 2FG 6x8 Pen eraser 	id: 15	type: ERASER    
Wacom Bamboo 2FG 6x8 Finger touch	id: 16	type: TOUCH     
Wacom Bamboo 2FG 6x8 Pad pad    	id: 17	type: PAD

But the Wacom Tablet settings panel shows “No stylus found” even when I’m using the stylus as a mouse! No tablet appears as an input device in Gimp, Krita or Inkscape.

That's the thing, wacom tablets work out of the box on our gnome based iso's and plasma. If i had to guess it's due to a stateless config or a missing build option somewhere in the stack.

I wish I could help more to solve this issue... but I'm not a developer. The strange thing in here is that the pressure in gimp flatpak works while the gimp from solus repos doesn't. Maybe that's a good hint to check for the issue?

Edit: I'm on Solus budgie btw

I've got the same issue in GIMP but I have a Huion tablet.

I have the same issue as well with a Huion H610 Pro tablet/pen. It shows up with xsetwacom --list devices , but it is unrecognized in GIMP. However, pressure sensitivity does work in Krita.

Is anyone able to provide an strace of the repo and flatpak versions so I may review them? (no idea how well this would work with the flatpak version)

I would include launching the program, going to the wacom tablet settings, going to the wacom tablet settings in program, and then immediately closing GIMP so that the strace length is minimized.

Here's a quick rundown of what I saw as the differences (i.e. what Solus was missing)

This is likely what needs to be fixed as libXi provides an X Window System client interface to the XINPUT extension
/# Something isn't linked against these #/


Other notables

/# EXR support missing in GEGL#/


/# jasper support missing in GEGL#/

/# GEGL isn't built with edit this is actually suitesparse which is linked to BLAS#/


/# No idea what this is, or why it's a separate file in the snap #/

Anyone have a direct link to the flatpak/snap of gimp so I can take a peek?

Alright, figured it out. We need to explicitly enable xinput support in gtk2. Thanks for the help debugging and for pointing me on the right track @sunnyflunk.

@joebonrichie correct, it is libgtk-2 that needs fixing (libgdk-x11 is the lib that didn't have it and needs it according to the strace). So if you want to give it a crack, I'm not around till Monday.

Well I had been meaning to post that it was libgtk-2, just got pulled away before I hit send.

next gimp release should fully drop gtk2

I know, similar inkscape functionality was also broken by this, so we'll keep it around.

Sorry for being such a noob, but when can we expect to see this fix implemented? Will it be an update in the Software Center?

To get it now, will look to get it synced with firefox

sudo eopkg install

Awesome, thank you so much! I will report back with my results.

I am happy to report that it works perfectly (at least for the simple stuff I'm doing) with a Huion H610 Pro tablet/pen (with DIGImend drivers) in Inkscape, GIMP, and Krita. Yay! Thank you devs :)