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KDE Connect can no longer browse device files, KIOExec cache folder error
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I cannot browse files on my phone anymore through KDE connect. It gives me an error about a KIOCache directory already exists. Every time I try to browse files, it creates a new folder with a semi-random number in ~/.cache/kioexec/krun/ and then throws an error that the same folder it just created already exists

Best described by example:


EDIT: The video isn't embedding on my task for some reason.. here is a link

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Beer created this task.May 5 2018, 5:34 PM
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For reference, install dolphin as a workaround for now. I have no idea how to fix this

Beer added a comment.May 5 2018, 6:34 PM

Ah.. sorry for the dupe, I searched first but didn't see that. Definitely seems to be an upstream issue, several reports of this on KDE's bug tracker and no resolution. I also found this that sounds like it could be possibly related, not sure.