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Software Center should update software installed from Third Party repository
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I have a few packages installed from the Third-Party repository using the instructions from the wiki.
However this packages don't get updated or even notified of new versions, I had to check manually and run the install process manually to update them.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Install some software from the Third-Party repo, i.e.: Chrome Dev Channel
  2. When there's a new version check Software Center, and notice no update available.

Expected behavior:
Software Center has metadata for the Third-Party repository and keeps track of the installed packages, and offers updates for them automatically.

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The Third Party Mechanism uses a different backend, thefore a different authentication session. Updating via SC would require you to
authenticate twice, and always after the system updates have been performed. So they cannot share the same update core.

Also, keep in mind that 3rd-party is only an interim measure. It's only a staging area until we get native packages to replace this,
truthfully hacky, approach.

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Closing as:

  1. We're consolidating Software Center tasks to
  2. Updating Third Party apps via Software Center outside of "Check for Updates" will only occur when we move Third Party to snaps.