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Gnome Web - Epiphany - Not launching
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Getting an error when starting the browser.

Output from terminal:
epiphany: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib64/epiphany/ undefined symbol: webkit_settings_font_size_to_pixels

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All packages on the system is updated, so program version =

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Known issue as remarked here:

Gonna do a rollback of Epiphany to 3.26.6 tomorrow after the dust settles from libpng upgrade (which affects WebkitGtk+), given the newer 3.28.x series doesn't support the old WebkitGtk, which we need so GOA, Liferea, Midori, etc. work.

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It would be nice to find a workaround so that 3.28.x+ can be installed.

3.28.x fixed a lot of outstanding bugs and has enhanced security.

I like using Gnome Web for create app-like versions of websites that don't have Linux apps.