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Some Gnome applications broken after stack upgrade
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Yesterday I updated my system and it seems it broke some Gnome Applications.
gnome-builder doesn't launch and I get the following error:

gnome-builder: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/ undefined symbol: webkit_settings_font_size_to_pixels

I get a similar error with devhelp and other applications which use webkit rendering engine (such as epiphany). In this error, there is always a reference to webkit_settings_font_size_to_pixels.

Tell me if you want more informations.

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Can we rollback the devhelp package?

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Epiphany is going to be rolled back from what @JoshStrobl was saying, we'll look into the other bits

'Kay, I don't mind testing the package if you want me too. Because I use Epiphany, Devhelp, and Builder.

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