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MongoDB Compass OR RoboMongo aka Robo3T
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MongoDB Compass is a GUI interface for the MongoDB. I wasn't able to find a GUI for MongoDB , since Solus is my primary and only os I need some package for GUI MongoDB as it is highly helpful to me as a full time node developer. I support open source and currently I have no software that isn't open source, and solus is my choice of os i am really attached to it. So please help me out with some GUI client for mongo or please make compass available here. [I am sorry but its not open source, an open source client will help me a lot but if nothing is left I can go with compass]
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EDIT: I have got an alternative ie Robomongo aka Robo3T
It is open source and i would love to have it in my solus os.
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We got a package request task already for Robomongo T1188

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There are already requests for most of these, package requests should only be for a single package, you should never set priority unless told to do so by someone on the Triage or Core Teams.