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[iso][installer] Add nvidia option
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I installed solus budgie yesterday and it was quite a hassle
(I have a gtx 1050)
The first problem I encountered was that the iso didn't boot into the gui, so after some basic googling I added nomodeset to the bootline in the bootloader.
after installing solus budgie, I rebooted, it installed systemd-boot so there was no way for me to change the bootline before it loaded the kernel etc.
so I needed reboot into the iso and add nomodeset to the bootline, mount the /boot/ partition and change the configuration from systemd-boot to have nomodeset in the bootline. After I rebooted (again) I installed the proprietary driver(since the resolution wasn't correct and couldn't be changed in the settings menu)
And all this hassle is quite unnecessary.(look at manjaro for example, allows you to choose the 'free' or 'nonfree' drivers from the bootloader menu.)
I'd like to request a "NVIDIA" option that will load the proprietary nvidia drivers instead of the nonworking nouveau drivers in the bootloader for the iso.
I'd also like a 'NVIDIA' option in the installer which will install the proprietary nvidia drivers in the new install.

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Currently we have no plans on enabling support for the installation of the NVIDIA proprietary drivers in the installer. This may be something we can consider after we split the installer into two stages (as noted as "OEM/installer mode" in T4235).