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Budgie doesn't accept ViewPortIn/ViewPortOut changes through nvidia-settings
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In Nvidia's control panel, there's a per-screen option to render at one resolution (ViewPortIn) then map it to a different part of the screen (ViewPortOut).

You can scale low res screen up to your monitor's size, if you don't like scaling you can have it centered in the screen, you could even render the screen at a high resolution then scale down. It's *very* flexible.

It's also not a very pleasant experience on Budgie. Parts of the desktop seem to accept the new screen size, other parts reject it. Here's what I've found out through some testing and poking around at the situation:

  • ARandR reports the resolution as the real resolution.
  • Budgie panels are positioned and size on screen according to the real resolution.
  • The mouse cursor and windows are properly restricted by the fake resolution.
  • The blue window snapping overlay (and the snapped windows) are properly sized according to the fake resolution.
  • Fullscreen apps take up the full fake resolution, although some don't report the fake resolution as an option.
  • The screenshot app will only screenshot the real resolution when asked to screenshot the entire screen. Selecting an area and selecting the entire screen by hand properly captures the fake resolution.

Here's a screenshot of the panels doing their own thing:

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