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Sabnzbd package incomplete?
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Hi folks,

I've been unable to install Sabnzbd - I'm not seeing any installation files or icons after installing via the software center.

There's a single post relating to this that suggests the package is incomplete - perhaps someone could take a look at it?

Thanks kindly!

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I second this bug report.

Unlike other user-focused daemons like Plex Media Server and expected behavior in other distros the sabnzbd package for Solus does not install a .desktop file that launches a link to the web interface in the user's default web browser.

The sabznbd package also needs to be updated to 2.3.3.

This report also tagged as Lacks Project but I believe the proper tag would be Software.

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Honestly it should never have gone in, in its current state:

  • It installs to /opt which absolutely is a no-go.
  • It lacks basically any functionality and enablement.
  • As per T6400 there was not enough rundeps added.

I'm adding the tag Needs Maintainer and am kindly requesting someone come forward to maintain this. If no patch is provided in the next 30 days, I'm going to remove it from the repository.

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