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Help the brazilians, please!! We need the packages of bank Security modules for access the bankhome
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Sorry my terrible english. I live in brazil and like of the Solus OS, but i need see my bank account (Banco do Brasil) with bankhome, The package necessariy is the "DiagBB" . No exist alternative compatible for this package, is open-source (the Banco do Brasil is the national bank of the brazil, is totaly public).


I'm waiting, thank you :)

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Kevinws created this task.Mar 24 2018, 6:37 PM

These instructions don't work?

this package, is open-source

I can't find a link to anything other than an installer.

No, in terminal:

@solus ~/Downloads $ ./
./ linha 31: dialog: comando não encontrado
./ linha 67: dialog: comando não encontrado
/tmp/ModSegBB_war/./ linha 41: dialog: comando não encontrado
Opção incorreta ''.
Abortando programa...

I think that is opensource, because the BB is public. Here talk about it

thanks for answering.

Try installing dialog and running it again.

thanks, after installing the dialog enters the installer, but appeared another problem says not find a library called ""

Hi guys, any news on this? I have this issue too. Can't install the internet banking security module.

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@jakobvongunten File a separate request and don't attach the tarball.

retiform added a subscriber: retiform.EditedAug 26 2018, 2:21 AM

it looks like the package works if you install the libnss package, based on this manjaro thread:

Edit: you might also want too look here:

Another update, the package in question is named warsaw and it does exist in the AUR, so that could be of use.

Dependencies listed for the AUR build are: nss (libnss on solus), openssl, and chrpath.