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Touchpad locked while typing?
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Since upgrading to I have lost the option to toggle on and off the "disable touchpad while typing" feature. well, to be more specific, the synaptics driver had this option disabled by default. I see that the libinput driver enables this by default, but I can find no information regarding the syntax of the command line I need to turn this feature off. I'm sure there's a simple one line command to set this option to disabled but as of yet I have been unable to accomplish this.

I realize many users with smaller netbooks and such find the jumpy cursor annoying when their palms brush against it. However not being able to toggle off this feature makes many of the games my kids love to play, minecraft specifically, pretty much unplayable. For me, Id just as soon permanently disable it, but we should at least get the option back to use it or not.

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There is no option in the GUI for it, that I can confirm.

For the command line, there's a command called xinput. This is what you need. A single invocation lists all X devices, one of which is your touchpad. Note the ID.

Then it's simple; xinput list-props <DEV>, where <DEV> is the ID you noted earlier. Note the ID of libinput Disable While Typing Enabled.

Then it's xinput set-prop <DEV> <ID> 0, where <ID2> is the ID of libinput Disable While Typing Enabled.

Excellent tip/utility. Much appreciated. Now if I could just disable it by default . . . the same technique for that prop isn't getting it done.

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Try creating the following file with this contents:

Section "InputClass"
    Identifier      "libinput touchpad catchall"
    Driver          "libinput"
    MatchIsTouchpad "yes"
    Option          "DisableWhileTyping"    "0"

That'll do it. Although, there was something adorable about an 8 year old configuring her touchpad by command line before a round of minecraft. Maybe I won't tell her. ;)


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