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Gnome Fractal
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Fractal is a Gtk+ client written in Rust.

Project/product Homepage:
Why we should include this into the repository, i.e. what does it do that the alternatives do not?
The only other GUI Matrix client in the repo is, which is a Electron app, so it would be good to provide a native alternative. Also since there are multiple IRC-Clients, why not multiple Matrix clients.
Is it open source? yes

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taaem created this task.Mar 16 2018, 5:15 PM
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Rejected for inclusion. These are all in an alpha release state, clearly a bit early to be requesting this.

@JoshStrobl I think this could be reevaluated. Last time this was looked at was 3/16/18. From what I can tell the project has reached a stable state. I am currently working through a package.yml for this.

I have been going down the dependency tree. Fractal requires gspell >= 1.8, but Solus only packages 1.6.1. gspell 1.8 requires enchant >= 2.1.3. I saw in the enchant repo that an upgrade to version 2 has been attempted in the past, but that was a year ago. Has any progress been made on that Josh? I noticed this commit specifically: No reasoning was supplied however.

For reference the tar file linked is to the devs fork, and not the actual source code. is where the magic happens.

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This is going to be permanently rejected. It requires libhandy, which is not only a library with a currently unstable API/ABI, but entirely oriented towards mobile UX. I find it entirely unacceptable to start requiring mobile UX libraries for desktop applications, or applications which in our case will only be used in a laptop / desktop environment.

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