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Unable to install from USB
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Hi, I've been trying to install Solus since last evening, couldn't find any solution to my problem in existing reports too. I'm using an Acer Aspire VN7-592G-77LB, i7 6700 HQ, 16 GB RAM, GTX 960. I used Rufus to create a bootable USB of the latest image, but I'm unable to get past this point after selecting the boot entry in rEFInd. Have followed the instructions listed here to the t, and regarding rEFInd, it's something I have to use since this laptop doesn't play well with multiboot and refuses to pick up any boot files from the ESP apart from the Windows one, so have to replace the bootmgfw.efi that boots into Windows with refind_x64.efi, since it's been suggested that maybe rEFInd may be the issue, which it hasn't been for any other distro that I've installed.
Followed the instruction to check 'systemctl status initrd-switch-root.service', which threw this up.

Would appreciate some help with this, thanks!

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RJXIII created this task.Mar 6 2018, 5:30 AM

There might be a issue with the graphics driver for NVIDIA is not compatible with the X server. This also happens on other distributions. But I´m not sure

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Can someone test this for the latest ISO?

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Closing due to lack of response.