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Google Cloud SDK
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Google Cloud Platform (GCP) has a command line tool to do admin stuf, Gcloud. GCP is the third largest cloud provider in the world and the tool is required to do a large number of things (including one I was just trying to do and had to switch computers because of). For what it's worth, when I tried to install it on my own from the tarball the installer didn't do the symlink right. Let me know if you need any other info, thanks!

Source is here:

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Releases here:

This is Apache-2.0 so I'll allow it, though to be specific I am renaming this task since it is actually for the Cloud SDK

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It's been a month since this has been accepted and marked for needs maintainer. Given nobody has stepped up to provide an accepted patch, marking as wontfix. Feel free to re-open when a patch has been submitted via the appropriate process.