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"FreeTube is an Open Source Desktop YouTube player built with privacy in mind. Watch your favorite YouTube videos ad free as well as prevent Google from tracking what you watch. Available for Windows / Mac / Linux"

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It has no stable releases or tarballs, nor has any significant traction (it has six commits and is a brand new project). Rejected as per our Package Inclusion Policy.

In the meantime it has 122 commits and 10 contributors.
Just sayin..

Attitude will not result in a request being reviewed.
Just saying...

What will? What's the criteria?

In the meantime it has 122 commits and 10 contributors.
Just sayin..

This is not the problem, the available releases are tagged "Beta" for the moment:
Once they release a stable version, feel free to ask the reopening of this task ;)

There's no set criteria...typically it would need to meet the standard inclusion requirements plus any previously listed issues in the task before it would have any chance of review or acceptance. This does not as there aren't any stable releases, only betas.

What you shouldn't do:

  • Show a bad attitude
  • Add snarky or snide comments
  • Use opinion in place of facts
  • Change the tags/priority/status of the task

Stick to the important stuff (facts): any additional value add since the original request and how it meets the issues raised.

I see. Thanks a lot for clarification!
Will keep an eye on it.

So, wouldn't it even be included, if someone steps up packaging it and (maybe) declaring it as a beta? I'm currently using it right now and its a pretty good experience for me right now. The only downside is that I have to manually download it and the updates are not carried via the solus update system.

I would step up to maintain FreeTube if the Teams feels that is has matured enough and showed enough development stability to be included.

It has been two years since this application was first considered and the application now has significant traction based on these requirements from the Package Inclusion Policy:

Projects with no tags/tarballs which lack traction, may be frozen until a suitable release is made. Tagging releases is an indicator for good release engineering practices. As far as I can tell FreeTube is doing this now.

Typically, we prefer stable tagged releases. However, this may be waived if:
The software has significant traction (i.e. prerelease). FreeTube is now in Prerelease:

The project as of late had a significant rewrite and seems to be on track towards a stable release.

I know it us up to the maintainers here to approve these items, but based on the Package Inclusion Policy and the evidence I added above I believe it is ready and a better and more private alternative to the two options youtube-viewer and smtube (please refer to my merged task if more explanation is required). If there are further reasons it would be reject again two years out that is fine but just thought I would share these recent updates. Thank you again for the consideration.

  1. It doesn't use Google's APIs, so at this point it would be rejected, similar to TarTube T9351.
  2. Even it did conform, it has no stable release. I don't care if they're on track towards a stable release, no stable release means no landing.

Understood. You would know the rules better than myself. Anyway, thank you for the consideration. Have a good evening.