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ChessX is one of the most popular chess applications providing a good balance between easy playing, versatile chess engines, decent UI and plenty of features. The current selection of chess applications in the Solus software center is not complete without it.

Name of the software: chessx
Why: It is the most advanced chess app available for Linux besides PyChess. There are no real chess applications available for Solus. No, Gnome-Chess and GNU-Chess don't count.
Source repository:

Thank you for adding this package to Solus
Ralf Hersel

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rhersel created this task.Mar 1 2018, 8:16 PM
DataDrake triaged this task as Low priority.Jul 22 2018, 12:53 PM
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It's been a month since this has been accepted and marked for needs maintainer. Given nobody has stepped up to provide an accepted patch, marking as wontfix. Feel free to re-open when a patch has been submitted via the appropriate process.

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