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Guake Failing to pickup on system theme
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Guake does not seem to be picking up on my overall system theme. The part at the bottom with the tabs is a fugly gray. It was picking up on the system theme before I updated (I know I've been neglecting that.)

According to eopkg history, the last update for guake was:
guake is upgraded from 0.8.10-5-1-x86_64 to 3.0.4-6-1-x86_64 with delta.

I also can't adjust the height without going into settings anymore, but I'm guessing that's just a new guake thing.

I'm running Solus MATE on a Thinkpad X201.

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This is an upstream issue

Should be resolved in 3.0.5. Marking invalid given it's an upstream issue.

While you're around, is there a quick way for me to revert that package's update without rolling back everything else in that update?

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Actually going to re-open this. If someone wants to provide a patch via Differential that includes, that'd be great.

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@Joe-Christman While you could attempt to install the old version (sudo eopkg install, I personally can't guarantee that it'll work (I saw mixed reporting on whether or not it worked at all so I'm surprised it did for you, which is why it was updated, aside from the one we had being very out-of-date).

That worked.

I just ran eopkg remove guake then eopkg install, reset, and got the old guake back. It works. Thanks.

No problem :)

mati865 added a subscriber: mati865.Mar 1 2018, 8:06 AM

You can also override gtk-theme-name for Guake 3 in dconf.

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Closing since we opted to do a revert.