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Can't connect to network (Ethernet) from terminal
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I'm currently unable to access X. I removed LightDM to switch to Gnome temporarily, then uninstalled gdm but didn't reinstall slick-greeter, and now I can't get online. nm-online times out after 30 seconds. nmcli connection show shows Wired Connection 1, but DEVICE is empty (--). nmcli device show shows the ethernet (enp4s0) and loopback, but the ethernet's general.state is "30 (disconnected)" and general.connection and con-path are empty (--). (wired-properties.carrier is on.)

I thought it might have had to do with this other issue I've had:

However, after using nmcli to delete the VPN config, there's no difference, besides it being gone from the connection list.

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I managed to connect to the Internet using ip, but I didn't have DNS configured, as I could ping but not Found that /etc/resolv.conf was an empty file (aside from a comment generated by networkmanager), so I put the nameserver line in there. Now I had DNS! So I installed slick-greeter and rebooted, which let me get into Budgie. But then I didn't have a network connection anymore. So I went to Edit Connections, and saw that "Automatically connect to VPN when using this connection" was still checked, despite having deleted that connection. So after unchecking it I was able to get online again.