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Problem with Intel wifi module
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I am having a problem with the wireless module on my mini desktop computer, Lenovo M700 Tiny. The computer is brand new. I tested it in Windows for around 20 minutes, and everything seemed to work fine. (I deleted Windows after that.) In Solus I have these symptoms:

  • At times wireless data transfer works fine, at times it is unsteady or stalls. This simply means I can't access pages in browser. I still can do this on my phone and laptop.
  • The connection to the wifi router, however, doesn't break: it's constantly displayed as strong in the taskbar icon.
  • When data transfer stall, I also can't access the router interface.
  • The wifi card is paired with bluetooth: the latter works fine.

And, some technical info from the terminal:

lspci | grep -i network
01:00.0 Network controller: Intel Corporation Dual Band Wireless-AC 3165 Plus Bluetooth (rev 99)

Thank you.

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Update: I installed the newest version of Solus with the image on the OS homepage -- wifi started working terribly, there was almost no data transfer at all, although the connection to router was stull on.

After I did a full update of the system, things returned to the Solus 3 condition: the wireless connection is usable but very intermittent and unstable. I tried installing a bigger antenna -- notiveably, the connection is not only stronger but much more stable, too.

Would appreciate some help here.

Still hope this can be resolved software-wise, but if it can't, maybe someone here knows an m.2 wireless plus Bluetooth card that will work with Solus for certain? Thanks.

As of April 2018, this problem with Intel 3165 module is still there. Connection is at times perfect, at times very slow (around 100 kbps). An Intel 7260 module works fine on my other machine, also with Solus.

An update:
As of April 18, wifi module has worked without a problem for a week now. I installed no new software, deleted nothing that would have something to do with wireless connection, only updated the OS. I have no idea why it has started to work, but it has.

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