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Systemd crypt setup message at boot
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Not a real issue, but I got he message below on every start of Solus :

Please enter passphrase for disk SPCC_Solid_State_Disk (luks-fbe089ce-311c-421cf-9d0e-807ab401461d)!  [  3.614282] dracut-initqueue[252]: Failed to start systemd-cryptsetup@luksx2dfbe089cex2d311cx2d42cfx2d9d0ex2d807ab401461d.service: Unit systemd-cryptsetup@luksx2dfbe089cex2d311cx2d42cfx2d9d0ex2d807ab401461d.service not found

I have a SSD Samsung encrypted. After my passphrase is entered everything works well and start is very fast.
So, might not be important.