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teco created this task.Feb 16 2018, 8:28 AM
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NOTE: that only the libraries of EmojiOne are actually open source, the actual image assets are likely licensed such that we can't include them.
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This has sat in accepted for inclusion for over 30 days. Clearly, there is a lack of demand for the inclusion of this software, nobody has stepped up to provide a completed patch, maintain it, and properly integrate it. Closing as a result. Feel free to reopen but only when someone offers a patch via our proper patch submission methods and volunteers to be maintainer.

I'll do it.

Scratch that-- I tried, but all the options I could find are:

  • Mozilla's twemoji-colr (some arcane internal format called COLR that only seems to work with Firefox)
  • twemoji-color-font on GitHub, which I couldn't get to display in color in LibreOffice and which isn't being consistently updated along with new Twemoji releases
  • An up-to-date distribution that's only available if we download a community-made RPM package, which also only uses PNGs instead of SVGs
Khrona added a subscriber: Khrona.Jun 24 2020, 11:26 PM

I don't know if this is a valid solution, but Firefox comes with 'TwemojiMozilla.ttf' on '/usr/lib/firefox/fonts/TwemojiMozilla.ttf'. Simply symlinking it to my '/home/user/.local/share/fonts' folder solved the issue of no colored emojis in the chat names on the left panel on Discord.

Don't know if it would work properly for LibreOffice or other programs tho.

@Khrona That's actually what I tried, and LibreOffice doesn't seem to support the format it uses. I only got blank squares when I tried to copy emoji into a new document. It would make sense that Discord would work, though, considering it's Electron.

@serebit We could add OpenMoji instead, it has SVG color support on it.