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Name: Freshplayerplugin
Open source: yes
Source tarball:

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DataDrake removed Cakeisalie as the assignee of this task.Sep 11 2016, 5:21 PM

We don't even have iceweasel. Why is this needed?

Fresh Player Plugin is a PPAPI wrapper for the Chrome's Pepper Flash Player available for any NPAPI browser, so Firefox and Epiphany can use it, not only Iceweasel.

BTW, if someone packages it, where it should go? It needs the Pepper plugin in order to work, so needs Chrome being installed, making a separated package for Pepper Flash or downloading the Chrome installation file and extracting the plugin from it, seems like 3rd-Party stuff, but Fresh itself is open source software 😕

Shadow53 added a subscriber: Shadow53.EditedSep 21 2016, 11:37 PM

The PPAPI version of flash player for Linux can be downloaded from adobe's website just like the NPAPI version. I presume that it can be packaged under the same license as the NPAPI version, perhaps with the name flash-ppapi-plugin-nonfree or something. Simply go to this link and select "Linux 64-bit" as the system. "FP 23.0 for other Linux 64-bit (.tar.gz) - PPAPI" is the selection item:

Direct download URL is

So I'm hoping that the PPAPI flash could be included in the repos?

On the other hand, there is news that Adobe plans on bringing the NPAPI version for Linux up to date, starting with the next release:

DataDrake closed this task as Invalid.Sep 24 2016, 2:04 PM

If the ppapi version exists I would much rather that be requested than this. Please submit a request for ppapi instead.