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Add an option to ensure that NVIDIA Cards can install the OS with minimal issues
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Linked to T514 (Is on backlog, first time here so not sure if T514 will get attention)

I have managed to fix these issues from the live ISO, after the OS has been installed. Is it possible either to add the following lines to live documentation, or to add a option in the install to install these NVIDIA drivers for modern cards by default, it's likely to help a lot of new users who may be turned away from the OS when an NVIDIA card will not work. It is also worth noting this would install all updates after a user installs, I am sure there is a more elegant solution.

Alternatively, this could be added to the documentation that is indexed as a solution for NVIDIA cards and installation / boot issues.

I am still in the process of learning linux development, and i'd love to see how the installer is compiled if it is in bash or C++ as it would be a great way to learn so if any one is happy to mentor me I would be keen to help for this change.

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Noted Solution tested, working, will work as a bash script with variables populated (From fresh installation and ISO 12FEB18)

sudo su
mkdir /target
mount /dev/<installationpartition>/target
mount /dev/<bootpartition> /target/boot
mount --bind /proc /target/proc
mount --bind /dev /target/dev
mount --bind /sys /target/sys
mount --bind /run /target/run
mount --bind /etc/resolv.conf /target/etc/resolv.conf
chroot /target
eopkg upgrade -y
eopkg install nvidia-glx-driver-curerent -y
sudo clr-boot-manager set-timeout 5 && sudo clr-boot-manager update (only here and set to 5 as it appears to create a new and updated boot entry after the upgrade)

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