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Name: Remarkable
Why should you include: Its an awesome native Linux Markdown editor with many useful features like:

  • HTML & PDF export
  • Live Preview
  • Supports useful Markdown extensions like:github-flavored Markdown + MathML

Open Source: MIT License (
Latest Release Tarball:

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What does this do that other markdown editors in the repo don't?

JoshStrobl triaged this task as Needs More Info priority.Mar 17 2018, 1:04 AM
JoshStrobl updated the task description. (Show Details)

When I search for Markdown, I just find ReText which is Qt. I could use something like VS Code, but for quickly editing a markdown file i perceive it little to heavy.
So in my opinion its a small fast native open source GTK app for editing markdown, which includes a live preview and supports useful exports.

drohm added a subscriber: drohm.Apr 30 2018, 6:27 PM

It's a really solid markdown editor, fully customizable. I'd love to see this in the repo.

JoshStrobl closed this task as Wontfix.Jul 29 2018, 1:12 PM
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JoshStrobl added a subscriber: JoshStrobl.

Sorry, this doesn't provided a compelling enough reason for inclusion and is not actively developed.