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Menulibre 2.1.5 doesn't work with MATE
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The update to menulibre 2.1.5 appears to have broken menulibre with MATE (menulibre just does not show any menu entries at all:

If I downgrade to 2.1.4 it works without issue

also entered issue with menulibre:

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bwat47 created this task.Feb 11 2018, 11:38 PM
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I noticed that if I launch version 2.1.4 from the terminal it tells me: WARNING:menulibre: getDefaultMenuPrefix() 'No menu prefix found, MenuLibre will not function properly.'

However, it appears to work fine anyway

With version 2.1.5, I do *not* get any error when launching it from the terminal, but as shown in my screenshot it shows no menu entries at all.

I tried setting export XDG_MENU_PREFIX=mate- in my /etc/environment file, however this resulted in menulibre just not launching at all (both 2.1.4 and 2.1.5)

I found a workaround for the moment.

Go to ~/.config/menus and make a link to and call it

Thanks, I went into the ~/.config/menus folder and ran the command ln -s /usr/share/xdg/menus/ and now it works :)

Mozo has been added to repos, works for editing the brisk menu, so is there any reason to fix menulibre?

Obviously, why would we want to maintain having broken software in the repo?

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