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Mailspring won't start under Plasma edition
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I'm testing the beautiful installable Plasma ISO.

I have tried to run Mailspring after installing it through snap and also through eopkg, but in both cases Mailspring refuses to start with this message:

Mailspring could not store your password securely. Make sure you have 'libsecret' installed and a keyring is present. For more information, visit

The package libsecret is intalled, but this makes no effect. I went to the support link, and also says that the cause could be gnome-keyring not being installed (which makes sense).

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rodrum created this task.Jan 31 2018, 7:30 AM

I found this on their Github page. Mailspring is basically hardwired to use libsecret on Linux, and libsecret doesn't work with kwallet.
To get it working it appears you'll have to install gnome-keyring, and add it to your startup applications. The syntax for the startup is: gnome-keyring-daemon -s

That works! So... this should be in the Mailspring dependencies then?

I would think so. Seeing how all the other Solus desktops are GTK based, they have gnome-keyring by default. Plasma doesn't, so I suppose they'll have to add some dependencies to quite a few packages now to ensure they'll run under Plasma.

I'm actually a bit surprised it's not in the snap though.

sunnyflunk added a subscriber: sunnyflunk.

So we can add gnome-keyring to our build, but it won't help people using the snap.

Also won't be done until it builds and works again.

rodrum added a comment.Feb 2 2018, 7:18 AM

Well, I'll use Thunderbird in the meantime. It's true that Mailspring is not working properly, and I consider installing gnome-keyring a non desirable solution if you want to use Plasma.

DataDrake edited projects, added Plasma; removed Software.Mar 17 2018, 4:26 PM