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Disabling "Disable touchpad when typing" does not work on Plasma Desktop (Plasma Testing ISO)
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The touchpad still stops working while pressing a key. I fixed it by installing xinput and setting the prop with the command xinput set-prop 13 299 0

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Will likely wait to the 5.12 release and see if this still happens before looking deeper (it fixed other config issues).

Btw this is still a problem on 5.12.2

I found a solution to this problem, the KDE Plasma Settings Manager Touchpad Input is only compatible with xorg-driver-input-synaptics and not libinput, so installing xorg-driver-input-synaptics allows the function to work.

There is a libinput KCM module coming in 5.13 for wayland, but I'm unsure if it applies to X as well.

Are you able to test this on 5.13 which is now in stable?

I'll test it some time later or tommorow

Now it might be a bit worse...

The Touchpad Settings are now entirely greyed out

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We had several updates since this issue, I'm going to close it. Feel free to reopen it if it's still an issue

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I don't know if I should resurrect this issue, or create a new one, but I this issue hasn't been fixed. My Synaptics touchpad work fine on Budgie for years. I just did a fresh install of Solus 4.3 Plasma, and some Touchpad options have been greyed out, including tap to click, which I think is mandatory for good experience.
And what was needed to fix it was to install xorg-driver-input-synaptics.
So the same problem and the same solution as in this original issue. Do you think that driver should be included by default, or would that cause a problem?