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ktw, Jan 30 2018


Requested package: lightdm-settings
GitHub url:
Description: A configuration tool for the LightDM display manager, which handles slick-greeter settings.

This would enable easy lightdm/slick-greeter configuration -> /etc/lightdm/slick-greeter.conf
The existing lightdm-gtk-greeter does not seem to work with Budgie.

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ktw created this task.Jan 30 2018, 8:31 PM
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DataDrake triaged this task as Low priority.Jul 29 2018, 2:21 PM
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As this task has been marked Needs Maintainer for a month with nobody having stepped up to become maintainer, in addition to providing an acceptable patch for inclusion, marking as WONTFIX. Feel free to re-open when a patch has been submitted via the proper processes.

watpi reopened this task as Open.Nov 18 2018, 6:19 PM

@Girtablulu Why was Needs Maintainer removed?

To demystify the Needs Maintainer tag, regardless of whether or not someone steps up with patches, the tag should remain. It will be automatically removed when it's resolved (e.g. a patch is accepted and landed). Unless Core Team (or Herald bot) explicitly removes the Needs Maintainer tag, thereby making some sort of exception or putting it under our purview, it should remain.

Okay sorry, didn't know it gets now automatically removed