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Gamepad input doesn't keep the screen awake
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I'm not sure of the exact set of circumstances here, so apologies if my task is not accurately describing the issue.

My gamepad, Logitech F710, does not seem to register as user input as far as the screen sleep timer is concerned. This particular gamepad has a dinput/xinput toggle switch, and I usually use it in dinput mode, I'm not sure if that matters. I'm also not sure if it matters what type of game is being played.. I only know I've experienced this problem while playing various emulated games (the only time I use my gamepad). Usually linux native emulators, but more recently while playing Breath of the Wild in CEMU 1.1.3 under Wine 3.0rc2.

The screen just goes to sleep while I'm in the middle playing games.

I ran across this tool, which may help to band-aid the issue ... but it would be nice to see a built-in solution for this


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Not sure what exactly causes this, so more investigation needed.