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Why should this be included in the repository? If we already offer similar software in our repository or third party, please provide information on what your proposed software does that our existing offerings don’t (differentiators).

I think visual tool for batch resizing/editing images is useful. I tried resizing images with Nomacs (in the Solus repository) but it did not work. So I looked for another tool and did not find one.
If there already is an alternative in the repo that I missed, please let me know. I am also open to alternatives.

Is it Open Source (yes/no)

yes: GNU General Public License v3.0

How many users do you anticipate will use this software?

Not sure and it's hard to answer. 50?

Link to source tarball/zip file

Edit Wontfix: Nomacs released version 3.8 which fixes batch resize (see changelog);
I don't need Converseen with nomacs 3.8.

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but it did not work

Define "didn't work".

but it did not work

Define "didn't work".

Sorry, that was not enough info, I see that now.

Open nomacs, go to Tools, Batch Processing. Transform -> Resize (e.g. 30 %) -> Output (Filename_small.jpg) -> press "play"
--> there are new images written that are indeed smaller....but not that small and I can't get them smaller. In my case the orignal jpg images are about 6 M and the output does not get smaller than 1.1 M - regardless if I resize to 30% or might be my peculiar case but it freaked me out a bit not being able to resize the images.

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