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Error messages on boot
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I get the following error messages during the booting process:

  • Unable to add image options measurements: Invalid Parameters
  • Failed to start systemd-cryptsetup@luksx2d8afeb055x2da400x2d4552x2d848ex2da6b84884ecc8.service: Unit systemd-cryptsetup@luksx2d8afeb055x2da400x2d4552x2d848ex2da6b84884ecc8 not found.


  • Laptop: Lenovo ThinkPad T470
  • BIOS Version: 1.44
  • EFI: Enabled
  • Secure Boot: Disabled
  • Disk Encryption: Enabled
  • Logical Volume Management: Enabled

This machine runs Solus only on the whole disk with automated partitioning. After I input my encryption password the system boots just fine.