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Qmmp - Qt-based Multimedia Player
Open Source: 100%
Source code: stable version for Qt4 | stable version for Qt5

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Snuggle added a comment.EditedJul 5 2018, 8:24 AM

I don't think this has sufficient information for the "value-add" of this package, so I'll just add it to here. ?

Qmmp is a simple, minimal and lightweight music player based on Qt that has one job and does it perfectly.
It includes a music equalizer, playlists, visualizers, shuffle, repeat etc all within one tiny little application that you can just leave in the corner of your display. Each section [Music/Equalizer/Playlists] is completely modular and can be moved around independently or closed. This has all the features you could want from a local-file music player within a really tiny & easy-to-understand window.

The latest stable Qt5 build is -

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I'll try my hand at packaging this. ?

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As this task has been marked Needs Maintainer for over a month with nobody having stepped up to become maintainer, in addition to providing an acceptable patch for inclusion, marking as WONTFIX. Feel free to re-open when a patch has been submitted via the proper processes.

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I have a working QMMP eopkg build I'd like to contribute. Just need to figure out how to submit (first time here).

Thank you! I'll work to submit a patch :)

JoshStrobl closed this task as Wontfix.Jun 16 2020, 9:33 PM

Closing as provided patches were closed due to lack of response.

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