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NAME: PyPar2 - graphical frontend for par2 utility


This package makes it possible to check the integrity and correct errors in Usenet downloads. I do not know of any other alternatives.

Yes, it is open source. Download link is:

Thanks to all!

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Approved as a result of our 2 Distro Waiver, but leaving it open for rejection in the future under Stack Complexity if it's using a lot of outdated dependencies, or ones which aren't maintained and have open CVEs against them.

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There is an alternative but without a gui, i also used pypar before switching to Solus, but found "par2cmdline" in the software center which is what i am using.

"Verifying and repairing

par2 verify filename.par2 (not sure if you know, but you can drag & drop files into the terminal.)

If any of the data files are missing or damaged, par2cmdline will report
the details of what it has found. If the recovery files contain enough
recovery blocks to repair the damage, you will be told that repair is
possible. Otherwise you will be told exactly how many recovery blocks
will be required in order to repair.

To carry out a repair use the following command:

par2 repair filename.par2

This tells par2cmdline to verify and if possible repair any damaged or missing files. When a repair is carried out, each file that is repaired will be verified to confirm that the repair was successful."

I can work with par2cmdline but would also like to see PyPar2 included if possible.

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correct me if i'm wrong, but isn't this a duplicate of T5251?