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sxiv (Simple X Image Viewer)
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The primary goal of sxiv is to create an image viewer, which only has the most basic features required for fast image viewing (the ones I want). It has vi key bindings and works nicely with tiling window managers. Its code base should be kept small and clean to make it easy for you to dig into it and customize it for your needs.


  • Basic image operations, e.g. zooming, panning, rotating
  • Customizable key and mouse button mappings (in config.h)
  • Thumbnail mode: grid of selectable previews of all images
  • Ability to cache thumbnails for fast re-loading
  • Basic support for multi-frame images
  • Load all frames from GIF files and play GIF animations
  • Display image information in status bar
cakesale created this task.Dec 19 2017, 6:42 PM
Justin added a subscriber: Justin.Dec 22 2017, 7:42 AM

What benefits does this have over Viewnior?

It's a simple image viewer so I guess should be compared to feh.

Since I haven't heard anything back then maybe I have to tell you the benefits over feh...

Keyboard shortcuts, mouse shortcuts like scroll to zoom or click to go to next image etc.

It's just an alternate and some might argue a better alternate to feh which people with tiling window mangers can take advantage of, but something like feh is also needed to set background image for example.

Anyways, love the work you guys do. Have a great new year! Peace, love and happiness from South Africa :D

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