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raven menu won't switch audio output (but gnome settings will)
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I have a small USB dac that I use with my laptop.

When I plug it into my laptop, there's two outputs added:

Digital Output (S/PDIF) - PCM2706 stereo audio DAC


Analog Output - PCM2706 stereo audio DAC

In order to be able to control the volume, I need to have the Digital Output selected. For some reason when I plug it in, it selects the analog output by default (probably a pulseaudio issue and not a budgie issue)

However, if I try opening the budgie raven menu and changing the output to the digital one there, nothing happens. I check the box for the digital output and it just remains on the analog one.

If I go to gnome settings manager | sound tab and select it there it works fine. The digital output becomes the active one and I can change my volume with the keyboard media keys without issue.

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