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I do love Snaps, but I think this package would serve better. Snap without theming is ugly and Snap has all sort graphical flickering and issues.

Name: Wavebox
Homepage: &
Why: Snap has graphical issues and no theming makes software slow and ugly
Open source: Yes

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Looks like Martin Wimpress likes it too: and

I'm using Wavebox, it is much more than just a web wrapper. Makes Gmail a usable desktop mail client and ability to sleep inactive services saves considerable amounts of RAM.

I just bought the paid version and I'm using it with Gsuite + trello + few other services. Frees up RAM like a huge amount and the interface is nice and clean.

Sadly the Snap needs quite lot of improvement. Running straight from Tar package Wavebox runs much more smoothly and looks better.

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Wavebox API Key

Not going to happen in that case. Also questionable value add, seeing as it's mostly just a web wrapper and treating services as essentially different tabs. Won't significantly free up RAM seeing as it's just an Electron (read, Chromium) application anyways. For now I'd recommend using their pre-built tarballs.

Okey, thank you from confirmation.