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Package NVIDIA beta/short-lived drivers
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DerRidda, Dec 9 2017


Currently Solus only packages the current stable and some older Nvidia drivers.
This is insufficient for some use cases, for example SteamVR currently requires the current short-lived 390.xx branch
to make use of all features. (See: )

As well as brand new hardware like the newly announced Titan V graphics card are only supported in said branch.

On other distributions, it would be perfectly reasonable to simply manually install the required driver but for Solus,
the following two issues in combination make that very much unfeasible.

1st) As a rolling release, Solus comes with very frequent Kernel updates, which would require a rebuild of the driver.

2nd) As Solus purposefully and intentionally does not provide DKMS, the rebuilds required due to the above
all have to be made manually.

In combination this means really bothersome manual maintenance for the user, if they decide to use any unpackaged driver.
In this specific case, any carelessness during a system updated could result in a system that fails to boot into a graphical environment
and needs to be recovered.

Packaging the Nvidia beta/short-lived branch would eliminate this issue.

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DerRidda created this task.Dec 9 2017, 12:57 PM
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OK so the only query/blocker I see here is - how do we make this actually available to users and still as the non-preferred option?
Discoverability is key here

Just throwing this around, what about having a video applet in Raven just like the audio - APU or discreet, AMD or Nvidia, stable or beta. Select and play without rebooting would be best, that way a reboot would always start with the basic default Driver.

It isn't possible to change drivers without rebooting - this is at the kernel level. For hardware enabling this isn't something Budgie needs to know about :)

DerRidda added a comment.EditedDec 16 2017, 11:20 PM

If I've understood correctly the driver GUI is going away and there's just going to be a prompt that opens the SC?

Are there new GUI elements already planned for the SC for that process?
I mean, as it stands all packages are considered equal and you already need to display some kind of recommendation in that process to display the latest stable driver
over the older drivers for applicable hardware.

So this should fit in there somewhere as well.

I know its a bit vague but without a full picture of how driver management is going to work it's hard for me to make suggestions.

Craig-toyoracer added a comment.EditedDec 16 2017, 11:31 PM

Rebooting yes, just thought you may pull a magic wand out of your hat. lol

Would it be possible for first reboot to change driver, on second reboot default to original driver.

Putting it in Raven would be for easy identification, not needed.

The current relevant beta driver now is version 390.xx

DerRidda updated the task description. (Show Details)Jan 4 2018, 7:53 PM

This remains a viable issue as Rise of the Tomb Raider just released for Linux and requires the latest beta drivers for optimal performance.

didnt have ubuntu a "not recommended" version of the drivers so people would know, why not have a option with the same tag?

I've gotten to the point where I've just started automating the rebuilding of Nvidia short-branch drivers, since I need them for DXVK + Vulkan. ?

But yeah, this should totally be a thing. I think just by having -beta and not installing them by default, users will get the message. Perhaps a way to automatically fallback to 390.x drivers if there appears to be an issue with booting post-driver install?

Let's say a user installs 396.24 and then reboots... but Xorg.graphical-target fails to start, there could be an automated way to fallback. Like a safety net for users. This shouldn't be hard to do and honestly keeps users in the know with what their system is actually capable of.

Let them explore, but save them if they get stuck kind of thing.

if i were smart enough, i would try installing them on my own, but stupid me isnt going to do that. DXVK rly saves me with those games i cant play on linux, so please dont make me wanna install windows again q.q.

help me ikey doherty, you are my only hope

At this point I'd take any solution but I'd like to keep it simple.
Just another package that is labelled unstable or something.

The reasons why users need this driver keep piling up, especially with DXVK having upped its requirements now.

Brandywine added a subscriber: Brandywine.

With thew new Steam Play announcement ( it's really due time to get this ball rolling.

The skinny his that Steam now wraps Windows only games in their Wine fork that also uses DXVK, which - as many suspected - they have been funding.
This means that not being able to support DXVK on Nvidia excludes Solus users with those cards from Steam for Linux's coolest new feature.

drohm added a subscriber: drohm.Aug 22 2018, 5:31 AM

For sure. I just played Spelunky using Steam Play on an Arch install and it's identical to playing the game on Windows. This is a massive massive change and most of my games now will run amazingly using Steam Proton.
Heck, GTA V will work flawlessly if they make sure it has the corefonts Wine package. This is huge news and I'm so happy, Solus needs to jump on this ASAP.

pokgak added a subscriber: pokgak.Aug 22 2018, 9:19 AM

Yup, hope we can get access to this sooner rather than later

Everyone, please stop bumping this task. The fact that this is still open means that we haven't decided to reject it. We are fully aware of the reasons surrounding Steam, Wine, and DXVK. Thanks.

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@DataDrake I would consider this task done and ready to be closed now, wouldn't you?

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