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Package Request: cryfs
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Can also be found on Github:

Cryfs is an encryption program designed to work with cloud folders. It encrypts files separately so small changes do not require the entire encrypted bin to be re-uploaded. Works splendidly with Owncloud, Dropbox and the like.

I anticipate a smaller but thankful user-base of privacy minded individuals.

Link to tarball:

Front end GUI's that can be used with cryfs: SiriKali and Plasma-Vault

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I just now found cryptomator T1537, which has been requested. It looks like a more mature cross-platform program with more functionality than cryfs, and appears to be in the process to be added to the Solus repo. If cryptomator is successfully added to the repo, cryfs would be redundant.

@TurtleShark there is also VeraCrypt/ZuluCrypt

@kyrios123 My (albeit limited) understanding is that the advantage of cryfs (and it appears cryptomator) has over VeraCrypt is it encrypts individual files instead of a container. AFAIK if I had my Dropbox encrypted with VeraCrypt, if I made one change to a document, dropbox would sync the full VeraCrypt container. With cryfs Dropbox would only sync the encrypted file. This would decrease the amount of time for syncing drastically and use less bandwidth.

If I add plasma-vault (and I can't imagine someone not wanting it), I will likely need this as the default vault option.

baimafeima added a comment.EditedDec 9 2017, 10:33 AM

Plasma Vault looks amazing and it would be great to have it for the Plasma Edition. It looks like if a user has both EncFs and CryFs installed, both options can be used via Plasma Vault. This is actually a great idea for a Budgie applet as well.
@sunnyflunk Would it be possible to run Plasma Vault on top of an encrypted home folder?

Looks like the plasma-vault developer is committed to using CryFS going forward -

Any chance of getting 0.9.9 accepted for inclusion?

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Closing since cryptomator was included.

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